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Bienvenidos - Welcome

          This location is made specifically for Mrs. Reynolds' Spanish students and parents. 
          This is a quick reference resource that will continue to change and evolve.  . 
    LOVE  teaching.   Did I tell you, I LOVE to teach?   
              I find teaching to be the best job ever and the ultimate challenge. I put countless hours in after school, weekends and during the summer, to create ways for your child to truly learn the language.  I love what I do and I take the time to get to know each of my students.  I will work hard to try and figure out your child's learning style.  I believe everyone can learn and I am committed to helping your child be successful in my classroom. 
             I provide QUIZZES where the students get to pick their type of QUIZ.   I expect mastery on all quizzes and give students the opportunity to quiz UNTIL they learn the material.  An 80% or higher is expected for EVERY QUIZ.   IF a student can obtain an 80% on each quiz, it only makes sense that they should have the skills to pass the test. 
             TESTS  are determined by the teacher and may NOT be retaken.  It is the student's responsibility to be ready for tests by the deadline provided.  Testing types vary and a practice test is given the day prior to the actual test.  28 days are given before most tests. This allows plenty of time for students to master the material IF they study the required 15 minutes each night at home AND complete activities/assignments deemed necessary to have success.  Students are to schedule for extra tutoring IF needed BEFORE the test is given. Please work with your child and check their progress to determine if they need the extra help. 
            Our classroom environment is warm and nurturing.  We treat each other as a valuable person, student or teammate.  Our goal is that everyone learn to carry their own weight and be a productive component for our team or class.  High expectations are abundant , but so is a logical learning path. 
The class time passes quickly and there is always a variety of approaches to help students earn success.  
            It is my deepest pleasure to teach your child.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity.  I will cherish the time you have given me to instruct your young adult. 
                     Thanks                            Gracias